Colourful Candle Wreaths

Size Price
240mm R450

All Candle Wreaths come boxed.


Frequently Asked Questions

If you take care of your topiary, they can last indefinitely.
In order to best care for your topiary, keep your topiary out of direct sunlight and dust it frequently.
You can order right here on our website. If you have a more specific request, please fill out our Custom Orders form with details regarding your request. For example: Quantity, Style, Colour and Size and any other specifics.
Andreas Topiaries have been preserved using our preservation technique and therefore do not require any water or maintenance to ensure they last indefinitely. Simply keep your flowers out of direct sunlight and do your best to handle them delicately as they are a natural product.
Please make contact with us via email and we will be happy to discuss your options. Please provide us with important information, such as contact information, where in South Africa you are located and wish to sell our products.
We use the same chemicals and preservatives that are commonly used in the commercial manufacturing of processed food and cosmetics. Please note: Andreas Topiaries are intended for decorative use only, please do not ingest them. 
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